Carlos Castro-González, “To Save 4000 Lives a Year”

Brilliant Spanish postdoc, Carlos Castro-González, goes to MIT’s “Magic Wand” lab, and joins a superb international team to address an important medical problem. Leuko, their startup, now has a device and software that can tell when cancer patients are becoming immuno-compromised. Leuko’s product has the potential of saving 4,000 lives and $1.5 billion every year …

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Wade Lange, “Startups at Purdue”

Purdue wants to be Startup U. They are already the #3 university in the US for producing startups, right behind MIT and Columbia. One of my favorite companies, Savran Technologies, came out of Purdue. I spoke with Wade Lange of Purdue Foundry which is responsible for promoting startups at Purdue. Several interesting Purdue startups were …

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