IMT 33-21 Bachelor or Master Thesis: Development of a system for stitching hot embossed parts

Area of research:Diploma & Master ThesisStarting date:06.12.2021Job description:The Institute for microstructure technology is currently investigating and developing different methods of micro hot embossing. The structures obtained with this technique can be used in many applications such as photovoltaics and micro fluidics. A limiting factor of hot embossing has always been the limitation to relatively small areas. Producing molds with a sufficient area can – depending on the structures – be a challenge as well. Upscaling the hot embossing process would greatly increase the efficiency of this technique.This thesis is therefore about developing a system for stitching hot embossed parts together very precisely. The stitched parts could then be used to produce larger molds, which in turn could be used in either classical hot embossing or in an ‘endless’ roll to roll process structuring large (multiple square meters) areas. Besides the lateral placement of the parts next to each other, the vertical alignment and minimizing gaps between parts is a major challenge.The thesis will consist of a literature research and evaluation of existing methods, design and implementation of different stitching techniques as well as measuring and characterizing the obtained parts/molds.The thesis can be written in German or English.This research center is part of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers. With more than 42,000 employees and an annual budget of over € 5 billion, the Helmholtz Association is Germany’s largest scientific organisation.